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  • Group positioning solutions for the elderly / kids...

    China's first accurate three-dimensional electronic fence, supporting building, elevation, subway and other scene positioning, to achieve accurate location control.

  • Industry 4.0 high-precision positioning solution

    Better than 20cm positioning accuracy, 19 key functions such as real-time positioning, suitable for processing, manufacturing, auto repair and other factories.

  • Smart prison / detention center / detoxification solution

    Software and hardware systems with independent intellectual property rights, including three types of positioning base stations, tamper-resistant bracelets, badges, and system platforms.

  • High-precision positioning solution for unmanned system...

    Based on multi-source fusion positioning technology, continuous and reliable sub-meter-level high-precision positioning of unmanned systems in a wide area and complex environment can be realized.

  • Smart site solution

    Based on the smart helmet, it can realize the functions of personnel positioning, attendance, and inspection in various indoor and outdoor construction site areas.


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